Clinical Laser-Proton Therapy Working Group

Evaluating and then enabling the path forward to clinical
laser-based proton therapy in order to improve access to
treatment by lowering cost and adding capability in the
fight against cancer.

About Us

This working group is dedicated to the coordination and application of government funding, private investment, and corporate investment to evaluate viability, design a path, and develop clinical laser-based proton sources for tumor therapy. This approach shows great promise in the fight against cancer for improved proton therapy both in regard to improving access through reduced system cost and through added capability.

The group has collectively invested more than $250,000 in private funds and over $500,000 of government contract funds into accelerating the assessment of this technology pathway. Some group members participated in obtaining a promising initial result in 2009 with the generation of 67.5MeV (becoming medically relevant) laser-based protons. A summary statement from the 2013 working group meeting can be found here.

Attendees or participants in from the July 2011 and September 2013 meetings include:

1) Charlie Ma - Fox Chase Cancer Center
2) Matthew Roth - Schott
3) Todd Ditmire - National Energetics and UT
4) Jesse Adams - Nanolabz
5) Piotr Wiewior -University of Nevada NTF
6) Kirk Flippo - LANL
7) Sandrine Galliard - LANL
8) Lisa Kirk-Brown - Kirk-Brown Consulting
9) Ceri Brenner - Central Laser Facility
10) Moataz Karmalawy - Varian Medical Systems
11) Eric Abel - Varian Medical Systems
12) Matthew Murphy - Varian Medical Systems
13) Todd Jaeger - SCHOTT North America, Inc.
14) Jason Zweiback - Logos Technologies
15) Jay Johnson - Imprimis Consulting
16) Frank Stroik - SpecTIR, LLC
17) Curt Frederickson - National Energetics
18) Ken Ledingham - University of Glasgow
19) Steven Malekos - Nanolabz

Please contact us with general questions, comments, ideas or for additional information.